In today’s interview sequence Rebeca Gelencser will give us a lot of insights of her own path from being an expat mom to a very successful career coach. In my opinion just listening to her will be a great motivation for women. She will tell us about the ups and downs she has experienced on her way to success and what role the family had at that time. In the end we will briefly speak about her own routines and how she achieves her work-life-balance. I recommend listening to this interview and following Rebeca’s advice: Do not listen to anyone, follow what is right for you.

About Rebeca Gelencser:

Rebeca Gelencser is 39 years old, she is Brazilian and has one 8 years old son. She lives in Geneva and is an Executive Consultant since 2015. She graduated in International Relations and left her home town at 25 years old to pursue a career at the United Nations in Geneva. She later got married and followed her spouse around the world to places like South Korea, Hungary, United States and finally back to Switzerland. Throughout her journey, she managed to improve her transferrable skill set, focusing on human resource management while helping career shifters to rebrand. An exercise that she knows all too well.

She is developing an innovative e-learning app. It will work as an online platform for career mentoring to help people belong professionally wherever they are. It’s coming out in April 2022, so stay tuned.





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