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Discover Lampentasche: The nanny placement agency

My name is Anne Tobien and I founded Lampentasche, the nanny placement agency in December 2018 out of passion and personal conviction. As a mother, I was confronted myself several times with the question of whom I could and would like to entrust my daughters to. I personally experienced a situation in which the search for a nanny had to be resolved very quickly. I was faced with a practically unsolvable problem: should I hire a flexible but unsuitable temporary help or look further and turn my life upside down? With the professional placement through Lampentasche you no longer have to make this choice.

You may be wondering how the name Lampentasche originated. Quite simple, our daughter created this term when she wanted a flashlight (Taschenlampe in German). But instead she asked for a Lampentasche! Without my daughter, I probably wouldn’t have worked in nanny placement either. So it was clear to me that my company would be called Lampentasche.

Many years of experience in recruiting and as a mother

I am able to offer more than 10 years’ experience of recruiting. I have worked for companies in the life sciences sector in the Swiss market as a consulting and recruiting expert. I have successfully got to know people through targeted discussions, assessed them and placed them in suitable positions and corporate cultures. Every day I was able to gain valuable and new experiences – with no day being like any other. As a further milestone in my life, it is now a matter of great importance to me to use my abilities for you as a family and not for the free economy anymore.

In addition, my 360-degree perspective in the role of the mother of two daughters is an indispensably valuable experience. I can also say that I have a very good knowledge of human nature. As a service provider out of innermost conviction, my overriding priorities are professionalism, quality and reliability. I only have fulfilled my task, when you and your entire family are satisfied with the choice of your new nanny.  Our contact will then not come to an end. It is very important to me to establish a long-term and trusting relationship with you.

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Get to know me as a dynamic and ambitious advisor during our initial face-to-face interview, where we will work out your care requirements together and discuss the following steps in detail. During our conversation and in my daily business I will use working tools that have been developed by me specifically for Lampentasche. As a result, I will be able to draw up a solution and target-oriented procedure for you. My intention as a placement specialist is to offer you and your family a perfect all-round service. This is what I stand for with my many years of experience in the field of personnel placement and as a mother. I will find the nanny that fulfills your requirements perfectly.

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