Are you looking for a quick and professional solution for your childcare? This is exactly where the specialized nanny agency Lampentasche can help.

We offer you short-term, individual and suitable solutions with our pool of emergency nannies. Within a very short time we will find your emergency nanny who is tailored to your needs and takes care of your children as a professional. So you can continue to focus on your work knowing your children in the best hands.


Please contact me for specific inquiries and further information:
Phone: 0041 78 946 10 90

I am also happy to advise you on weekends or during off-peak times.


Short-Term Emergency Nanny 1


What is an emergency nanny??

Emergency Nanny is available to families for short-term assignments (daily or weekly). If you have an emergency situation, a short-term business trip or a sick child at home that cannot go to daycare / kindergarten or school, an emergency nanny is flexible on the spot.

She takes on the tasks that arise depending on the daily situation: ensuring a smooth daily routine with the regular program or including medical care and / or a visit to a pediatrician.