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Your work as a nanny is one of the most exciting jobs there is. No two days are the same and you have to deal with the most important people of our future: our children. Every day is extremely varied, interesting and individual.

As a nanny, you will spend a lot of time with a family. You become part of this family and are therefore almost irreplaceable and extremely important in very many situations. You are highly valued and appreciated – which is a particularly valuable asset in today’s professional world.

Now: discover the incredibly exciting work as a nanny

Are you already working as a nanny or would you like to follow this path in the future? Lampentasche searches for and works with the best of the best. Do you see yourself in this league? If so, at Lampentasche you have come to just the right place. Together we will find the right job for you in the most suitable environment.

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The great range of tasks of a nanny

Your range of tasks includes much more than just childcare. You will accompany the child in its everyday life. There are various care scenarios, each of which depends on the family’s ideas and wishes. You can either take care of the child throughout the day or accompany it only from time to time. Ultimately, this depends on various factors. For example, the child may go to the day-nursery, kindergarten or school at the same time as it is being cared for by you.

Make your mark on the personalities of tomorrow

Every day you make a significant contribution to the development and shaping of young personalities. Supporting and challenging the child to extend its skills in a targeted manner which is appropriate to its age should always be to the fore. However, it is also very important to respond to the individual needs of the child. At the same time the child should experience fun, joy and wear a smile. What is more beautiful than children’s eyes when they smile and sparkle? When organising a child’s day-to-day life, close co-ordination with the parents is important. I am always pleased to provide tips on projects, excursion destinations and organisational methods which are appropriate to the age of the child and, for example, the time of year. Make a dream come true and apply now to work as a nanny for Lampentasche.

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